Trips of Interest 2016 -2017

For the past 5 months, I’ve been wavering on where I would go next.   I really wanted to go to Turkey but multiple people gave me feedback that it was not the best choice for this summer.  Then, I wanted to go on a cruise to the Baltics. Unfortunately, you have to plan that 1 year in advance unless you live in Europe, I live in the US.  Then, I wanted to go to India or Southeast Asia.

It is now May 7, 2016, and decisions need to be made. So this is what I am looking at:


India Kaleidoscope of India via Gate 1 Travel 12DIndiasMag07 Thanksgiving  or Christmas
Thailand Classic Thailand via Gate 1 travel 12DAffThai10-l Thanksgiving or Christmas
Southeast Asia On My own  map-vietnam-360x270-cb1446697664 January 2017
Baltic Cruise Royal Caribbean Partner ( RCL, Celebrity or Azamara) baltic_map Summer 2017

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