SouthEast Asia: Group Tour Companies

Last week, I vacillated between tours on OAT, G Adventures and Gate 1. Remember, I am supposed to be planning my yearly trips as mentioned in this post.

Why am I now looking at a tour of Southeast Asia instead of Thailand?  Well, because I am crazy.

No, because I like the cruise concept.  On a cruise, you only have a few hours in a country or a city. It is a tasting platter for travel. You don’t have to be in a place too long, if you love it you can come back.  I fell on this concept because I once took a trip to Rome, not my first trip to Italy, and it was too long. I am not sure that I will love any of these countries and I really would like to get an overview.  By overview, I mean,  I would like a few days in Bangkok, Laos, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh. I could add Hanoi but really that is all I want to see in the beginning.If I love Bangkok, I can go back and do a tour of the country and so and so forth with the rest.

The trips that sort of have what I want are :

  1. Ancient Kingdoms: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam (Overseas Adventure Travel)
    • However, when I look at reviews for Overseas Adventure Travel, they skew older like 60.
  2. Gems of South East Asia (Gate 1)
    • Only going to Hanoi, not HCM
  3. Discover SouthEast Asia ( G Adventures – National Geographic tours)
    • Really pricey for what you get $5199 for a solo with single room


Stay tuned the research is just beginning……


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