Luggage: What do you have?

I was raised to always get a deal. Something had to be on sale for the purchase. I have carried that with me through life.

For years, I purchased on sale luggage looking at the denier to make sure it was above 500. I thought I was getting a good deal, but every 5 years the luggage was done and by then I couldn’t find the receipts. In 1999, I even purchased a Briggs and Riley from TJ Maxx because it was a screaming good deal. At the time, I just knew Briggs and Riley was a good brand, but not why it was a good brand.

In 2001, after a cruise around South America, I went to retrieve my luggage to see that the frame on my Briggs and Riley suitcase was bent. What the heck were they doing that, it bent the frame of a well-made suitcase? I don’t think anything is harder on luggage than a cruise porter.

For a while, I decided that the best recourse was to purchase cheap luggage under the belief it would be destroyed anyway.

Then in 2014, I was tired. I was tired of looking for luggage every other trip. I was cruising 2x a year as well as other vacations. My luggage looked like crap and I was embarrassed.

So, I went shopping online, still looking for a deal and got a hard case Tumi from Wal-Mart. It is red camouflage and I can always spot it on the baggage carousel. This issue became apparent on the first trip. The reason that it was a screaming deal was because it is not that great, Tumi canceled the T-Tech line. Also, the Tumi warranty for this was

really bad. Like bad.Luggage

Last year, I decided to finally get my Briggs and Riley suitcase fixed. It was doing nothing but standing in my closet, which was dumb.  It was bent and too heavy to use.  It took me 15 years to realize that I owned luggage with a great warranty policy sitting in my closet gathering dust.

Once  Briggs and Riley receive my luggage, they offered me money towards a newer model. The best thing ever.  I got the Commuter Baseline spinner with expansion because it matches all carry-on standards.

Briggs riley



When it is time to replace the Tumi, I will buy Briggs and Riley. They have the best warranty policy in the luggage business.  I see no reason to support luggage manufacturers with poor warranty policies.


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