Egypt and the Nile: Still want to go

Last week, I posted a too good to  be true deal from FriendlyPlanet.  Well, too good to be true for me anyway since there is no way I would fly on EgyptAir.

But it got me thinking about going to Egypt or Jordan this year.


When I think of Egypt and the  Nile, Abercrombie & Kent or Uniworld come to mind.

But yesterday, I read a post about Abercrombie & Kent in Africa. Let’s just say the post was derogatory.   A lot of things were said but the main point was boring. I would hate to spend a bunch of money to be bored. I have heard that the pacing of some of their tours can be slow. However, they have been lauded by many as being the premier tour operator for Egypt.

Uniworld is mentioned a lot as having a good product in Egypt.

The Uniworld trip Splendors of Egypt & the Nile is 12 days and costs about $5200

The Abercrombie & Kent trip  Signature Egypt and the Nile is 10 days and costs about $8000.

Today, I looked at Memphis Tours  which is a reputable tour operator for the Middle East and Egypt. They have two packages that really interest me.

  1. Jordan Classic Tour and Hiking Travel Adventure   – Accommodation B   – $1475
  2. Round Trip Nile Cruise and Pyramids  – Accommodation B – $1495

This is a fraction of the price of going on Abercrombie and Kent or Uniworld. Honestly, you can bore me for $1500.


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