Cathay Pacific: Feedback on Premium Economy

In November 2014, I flew from JFK to Sydney and Auckland to JFK on Cathay Pacific in premium economy.  It was dumb.

The decision was based on faulty research which suggested that Cathay Pacific was better than Qantas.

I know there are other options.

All I will say is I didn’t take  Air New Zealand because it had too many connections to Sydney and you had to fly economy  from NY to CA for more money.

Did I already say dumb? It was.


The issues started immediately.

1.  The seats were short.

I am 67 inches. After 4 hours I felt the seat cut into my thigh. On the flight to Sydney, I thought  it was just me.  However on the return flight, a thin tall passenger had the same complaint.

2. The staff was not attentive.

The attendants serve at specified times and are pleasant. However, you have  to ask  for them to return. On a 15 hr flight to HKG, I want interim service. I want you to ask if I would like more water.

3.  The plane was dry and cold.

When I say dry, I mean my scalp went into dry overdrive to the point that I needed medication  upon my return to the United States.

4. The seat divider is fixed.

On the departure flight, the premium economy section was empty. I could have created a bed but the divider was immovable.

All I will say is…maybe Cathay is great for short, oily people that don’t like to be bothered on a flight.



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