Egypt and Jordan: Research

To effectively research my travel options  for Jordan and Egypt, I have released all preconceived notions. I am re-examining information that I discarded.


I am using traveler feedback, travel guides, travel sites and tourism boards.

Specific sources are:

  • TripAdvisor forums
  • Fodor forums
  • Lonely Planet Egypt Guide
  • Jordan tourism board

Tour Operators

I have compiled lists of Tour Operators that service Jordan and Egypt.  I have contained the lists to a spreadsheet with three tabs, Jordan-based Tour Operators, Egypt-based Tour Operators, and US-based Tour Operators.

Only one tour operator  is on all lists, Abercrombie and Kent.


Tour Operators are selected for further review based on the following criteria:

Cost: must be less than US$3000

Entrance fees: must be inclusive of the tour price

Guides: must be an Egyptologist in Egypt and must speak  English

Presence: must have an online presence

Itinerary: if a packaged tour, it must be reasonably paced

Transport:private and air conditioned vehicles

Occupancy: pricing for single, double,and group




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