Japan and China: Celebrity Cruises and a Tour

Last week, I received the Celebrity Captain’s Club News. It is a magazine for loyalty members of Celebrity Cruises. It gives information about ship refurbishments, new itineraries and most importantly, it has saving certificates.  Saving certificates are the discounts Classic members or higher receive when booking select tours.

While Celebrity lists the cruises they are willing to discount, they  do not list the itinerary in the magazine. It leads  members to use the Celebrity Cruises site to research the itineraries of the prospective discounted cruises. Invariably, members find at least one cruise of interest that may or may not qualify for the savings certificate.

I found a cruise of interest and it does not qualify for a savings certificate.

The Cruise

Celebrity Cruises – October 5 to Oct 17, 2017

The Cost

 Inside $1,849
Single Inside $3,698
Single Supplement 100%
Oceanview $2,049
Single Oceanview $4,098
Single Supplement 100%
Balcony $2,449
Single Balcony $4,898
Single Supplement 100%
Suite $4,529
Single Suite $9,058
Single Supplement 100%

The Itinerary

Day Port Arrival Time Departure Time
1 Tokyo, Japan
2 Tokyo, Japan 5:00 pm
3 Shimizu, Japan 7:00 am 3:00 pm
4 Kobe, Japan 11:00 am
5 Kobe, Japan 10:00 pm
6 Kochi, Japan 9:00 am 5:00 pm
7 Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan 9:00 am 6:00 pm
8 Nagasaki, Japan 8:00 am 9:00 pm
9 Jeju Island, South Korea 9:00 am 5:30 pm
10 Busan (Kyongju), South Korea 8:00 am 10:00 pm
11 Cruising
12 Shanghai, China 7:00 am

The Tour

If you dock in Shanghai wouldn’t it be great to take a tour of China!

Locating a cruise that I am interested in is much easier than combining it with a tour.

The tour has to:

  • Not be too long.  After a 12 day cruise, I don’t want a 12-day tour.  I want a tour that is between 5-10 days.
  • Have options for solo travel pricing.  A companion may join part of this journey but not all. I need options.
  • Have the right Itinerary.  Panda’s, Great Wall, Dim Sum, and Terracotta Warriors.

Tour Options

  1. Catherine Lu tours       Beijing – Xi’an – Shanghai Private Tour by Train (7 Days) (High Speedy Train & Overnight Train)
    • Cost is quoted in Chinese Yuan but I converted to USD
      1. Solo :$1747.31
      2. Couple:$ 1062.75  per person
    • Items to Note 
      1. You have to secure accommodations separately.
      2. You have to secure transport between the cities separately.
      3. No Panda’s
  2.  Gate 1   12 Day China with Chengdu
    • Cost without airfare
      1. Solo :$2,465.02
      2. Couple:$2000  per person
    • Items to Note 
      1.  1o Days. Always remove 2 days from a Gate 1 itinerary. Day 1 is always traveling from home country to destination and the last day is the same in reverse.
      2.  The timing of this tour fits with the cruise.
  3. National Geographic   Private Expedition: China  10 Day
    • Cost without airfare
      1. Solo :Single traveler prices are available upon request.
      2. Couple:$4650  per person +$720 internal airfare.
    • Items to Note 
      1.  10 Days.
      2.  The timing of this tour fits with the cruise.

Important Information

  1. Pricing for the Celebrity cruise is based on double occupancy. Solo travelers have to pay 200%.
  2. Luggage will need to be checked either at a hotel or at an airport. Tours unlike cruise’s, have baggage restrictions.
  3. If you tour after the cruise, you will need a flight from Shanghai to Beijing. Essentially, Home – Tokyo- Shanghai- Beijing-Shanghai -Home.
  4. If you tour before the cruise, you will need a flight Shanghai to Tokyo. Essentially, Home – Beijing- Shanghai- Tokyo-Shanghai – Home.
  5. A China Visa is necessary for the cruise.


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