Solo Cruise: Cost, Timing, ​and Destinations

Solo cruising is often referred to as single cruising. However, it is NOT the same thing. Just because someone is on a cruise alone doesn’t mean they are without a significant other, friends or family. It also doesn’t mean that they are looking for romance.

It may mean that they wish to travel, have money or don’t want to compromise destination or experience.

Regardless of why people choose to cruise solo, there is a market for it.


Solo cruising is usually more expensive because cruise lines define price  based on double occupancy.

Room Picture

Celebrity Solstice room and paid 200% as a solo

Mainstream cruise lines such as Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have a few ships that are built with studio cabins.  Unfortunately, solos have to book early because those rooms go fast.  Deals on studio cabins are rare.

Luxury cruise lines such as Crystal, Silversea, and Azamara, usually charge 25%  more for solos.  The clientele on these ships is older; the average age is over 55.

Timing + Destination

Most solos cruise randomly, but there are certain times to avoid.

With the exception of ships that do not have children’s services, you must avoid the Caribbean during Spring Break and American Thanksgiving. It is too family friendly.

American Thanksgiving is a good time for a long cruise because children need to be back to school the following Monday.

You can see the wallaby now

I enjoyed my solo cruise to Australia/NZ and even made friends.

Christmas is a good time to take a 7-day cruise. Families can take a long holiday, you don’t want to get caught in that.

Holidays are also a great time to go to a foreign country that doesn’t share that holiday. People usually don’t want to take their children on a long flight and they usually don’t want to pay for both a cruise and a $1000 plane ticket.

Finally, if you choose to cruise solo realize there are other like minded people. Also, if you are not a solo cruiser, please realize that cruising solo is usually a choice and not a punishment.








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