Egypt: What is an Egyptologist? (Research Part Deux)

Egypt has been the hardest country to research because of my criteria. This post should be titled Egypt and Jordan but I am too tired to research Jordan this week.

The biggest issue with Egypt is the definition for Egyptologist. It appears that licensed tour guides in Egypt call themselves Egyptologist.

My idea of an Egyptologist is different.

I want an Indian Jones or the chick from the Mummy. Basically, a PhD that has studied Egyptian history and artifacts extensively and maybe gone on a dig (archaeology).

Apparently, my definition of Egyptologist means that they are not a dime a dozen.

I could only find the people I wanted with companies that specialized in education or archaeology tours.

Also, Egyptologists are pricey  because it was impossible to keep the original budget. There is a  strikethrough in Criteria under cost to mark the revision.

I researched a LOT of tour operators before compiling the below list.


Cost: must be less than US$3000

Entrance fees: must be inclusive of the tour price

Guides: must be an Egyptologist in Egypt and must speak  English

Presence: must have an online presence

Itinerary: if a packaged tour, it must be reasonably paced

Transport:private and air conditioned vehicles

Occupancy: pricing for single, double,and group

Egypt Tour Operators + Tours

  1. Andante Travels
  2. Archaeological Tours
    • Archaeological  Tours is an American company. Tours are led by scholars from universities and museums.
    • Group Tour: Splendors of Ancient Egypt -17 Day Tour
    • Dates: February 10 – 26, 2017
    • Cost: $5995 (double) or $6880 (solo)
  3. Far Horizons
    • Far Horizons specializes in upscale, educational tours throughout the world
    • Group TourUndiscovered Egypt Tour – 14 Day Tour
    • Dates: TBD
    • Cost: TBD, but this year’s tour is about $13,000 including airfare. There is a $1395 supplement for solos.

Of the tours listed above, I am the least interested in the one from Far Horizons. I think the tour cost is exorbitant for the offering.

Finally, Lonely Planet Egypt was not a good source. At over 500 pages, I believe the definition for Egyptologist should be presented largely and clearly on page 2. I still haven’t found it.




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