Middle East: Royal Caribbean – Arabian Gulf Cruise (Final)

The day after Christmas, we went to Abu Dhabi.  This was my least favorite port.

In my opinion, it was the least permissive.  In Muscat, men and women were much more interested in talking about their country and experiences. While they dressed in traditional attire, it felt okay.  In Abu Dhabi, I did not feel welcome.

Also, this was the day that it rained. What are the chances.

In Abu Dhabi,  I took the excursion UD01  City Tour and Grand Mosque, the description is below. I heard the tour to Al Ain was 150% better.  It didn’t rain there and it was much more interesting.

Discover Abu Dhabi’s captivating religious and cultural history as you embark on a guided tour of the magnificent Sheikh Zayed mosque and Heritage Village museum. Travel via motor coach past the picturesque fishing harbor and into the cosmopolitan capital city. Behold one of the world’s largest mosques, which can hold more than 40,000 worshipers, admiring its opulent chandeliers and ornate carpets. Learn about the UAE’s pre-oil Bedouin cultures through interactive Heritage Village exhibits and demos.


This was the port that passengers had issues getting into the Mosque. Not only was there an intense inspection of female attire but there was a lot of confusion regarding how to get in due to the rain.


When we finally got inside it was gorgeous.  On my way out of the mosque, one of the guys on my tour asked if I saw his wife, I made the mistake of responding.  I was promptly reprimanded for speaking to a man in the mosque. IMG_0373

Oh, and the guy in the white garb, pictured above, followed me throughout the mosque and waited for me to leave the bathroom. Then, he followed me into the parking lot until  he saw me getting into the bus.  I walked so fast:(



On Dec 27, we returned to Dubai. I and a lot of other passengers were excited for the highest rated excursion,DA15 Dune Dinner Safari.

Below is the tour description from Royal Caribbean.

Enjoy an evening of traditional entertainment and fare in the heart of the desert, under a starlit sky. Travel across rolling dunes in a caravan of 4x4s, stopping to photograph landscapes and villages you’ll pass en route to the campsite. In this serene enclave, you can ride a camel, get your hands painted with henna, enjoy the music and dancing or just relax in a Bedouin tent with a water pipe before the dinner feast.

Well, it was cancelled.  Yup.  So, I went to Dubai mall on the free shuttle with a friend.


We stayed until the lights display and then took the shuttle back to the ship.

Overall, it was a good experience at a good price.


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