Middle East: Royal Caribbean – Arabian Gulf Cruise (Part 2)

On Dec 22, Day 2, of the cruise, we entered the port of Khasab in Oman. There isn’t much to see or do in this port. So, I decided to get off the cruise ship get on a smaller boat to sail the fjords. It was just okay. The excursion was called H801 Dhow Cruise to Omani Fjords. The Royal Caribbean description and pictures are below.

Ride a traditional Omani dhow inside Musandam’s  longest and most spectacular fjord, called “Norway of Arabia.” Here, calm turquoise waters contrast with creamy-white limestone cliffs. On your half-day tour, you will pass small fishing villages and welcome dolphins as they swim alongside. Cruise to Telegraph Island, where the British laid the first telegraph cable in 1864. Go for a swim or sit back and behold breathtaking views of towering mountains in the distance.


The next two days of the cruise were in Muscat in Oman.

I choose the tour  MC 01 Mystical Oman for the first day in port. The description of the tour is below.

Explore Oman’s mix of medieval, traditional and modern architecture on a commentated capital tour that includes an interior visit of the stunning Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Discover timeless traditions in Muscat’ s historic commercial quarter as you wander the labyrinth-like Muttrah Souk and trace Oman’ s rich cultural heritage at an esteemed private museum. Along the coastal road, admire the blue and gold exterior of the sultan’ s splendid Al Alam Palace, positioned between 16th century Portuguese-built fortresses.


The guide for this tour  was very good  In the picture above, he is showing us the cleansing needed prior to entering the mosque.


Royal Caribbean did a great job of making sure all passengers were appropriately dressed prior to leaving the ship for this tour.  Every woman was checked for a scarf and appropriate dress.

When we returned to the ship, I was told that the tour I chose for the next day was cancelled, MC 16 Fascinating Forts.

On the second day in port, December 24, I spent a day with a friend looking for a headdress that we bargained down to 4 dollars. Then we went to the gold souk that was not commercialized. We saw men with their wives buying gold jewelry that was weighed by the pound. We also saw a beautiful bracelet and were told no when we tried to take a picture. Still, this was my favorite port for the cruise.

The next post will be the final for this cruise.



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