Japan, China and Korea: Crystal Cruises

This  post might be considered a long whine.

Crystal Cruises has a trip from March 31 to April 14, 2017 that is phenomenal.

Why did I say this is post is a whine?  Well, it seems to be sold out. I can only find this trip on sale when packaged with the preceding cruise.

What makes it phenomenal?  They are basically giving a free three day tour of Beijing. The hotel and tours in Beijing are included in the cost of the trip.

See below for the itinerary.


Fri Mar 31 Inchon, South Korea Embark
Sat Apr 1 Inchon, South Korea 7:00pm
Sun Apr 2 At Sea
Mon Apr 3 Beijing (Xingang), China 6:30am
Tue Apr 4 Beijing (Xingang), China
Wed Apr 5 Beijing (Xingang), China 2:00pm
Thu Apr 6 At Sea
Fri Apr 7 Fukuoka, Japan 9:00am 6:00pm
Sat Apr 8 Hiroshima, Japan 8:00am
Sun Apr 9 Hiroshima, Japan 6:00am
Sun Apr 9 Takamatsu, Japan 2:00pm
Mon Apr 10 Takamatsu, Japan 4:00pm
Tue Apr 11 Osaka, Japan 7:00am 5:00pm
Wed Apr 12 Shimizu, Japan 11:00am 7:00pm
Thu Apr 13 Tokyo (Harumi), Japan
Please note: The specific pier in Tokyo has not yet been assigned by the cruise line and is subject to change.
Fri Apr 14 Tokyo (Harumi), Japan Disembark



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