Cuba: Fathom Cruise

Recently,  friends mentioned that they are going on a cruise to Cuba with Fathom.

Fathom is a Carnival Cruise product. The product is positioned as cultural volunteerism. However, I can not figure out the percentage of the trip that is tax deductible.

This is important because the price of a Fathom cruise to Cuba in an outside cabin, as a solo, is over $4000.  I need to know how that is tax deductible prior to going on that cruise.


Right now, US citizens are flocking to Cuba. Everyone wants to get there before all the land is overdeveloped by hotels and every cruise line is able to dock.  But Cuba is already a big tourist destination, without the US.

Anyway,  I can’t figure out what is so interesting for the Fathom price tag.

I am not interested in watching old cars drag race.

I know how to salsa.

I don’t like baseball.

I can have Cuban food in most major US cities.

I am sure visiting  Cuba is a unique, lovely and culturally educational experience.

I just think the Fathom price tag is over inflated to visit and help a poor country.

I don’t need to say I was there first or before it became overdeveloped. I am okay with being one of the million mass cruisers that will eventually dock in Cuba for a more reasonable price.





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