Turkish Airlines: Business Class is now affordable

In the wake of the uprising in Turkey, Turkish Airlines prices for Business Class have fallen sharply.

Recently, I searched for a flight from JFK to Bangkok using Hipmunk and was surprised that the trip cost less than$3000.00.


        11:40 PM JAN 24 New York Jfk,US
 04:30 PM JAN 25 Istanbul,TR
Turkish Airlines(TK 64) BUSINESS
07:40 PM JAN 25 Istanbul,TR
09:45 AM JAN 26 Bangkok,TH
11:30 PM FEB 18 Bangkok,TH
05:25 AM FEB 19 Istanbul,TR
 Turkish Airlines(TK 3) BUSINESS
07:25 AM FEB 19 Istanbul,TR
11:50 AM FEB 19 New York JFK,US
USD.$ 2,683.63
Inclusive of all taxes


Turkish Airlines business class product is top rated for its food. Another perk of flying Turkish Airlines is free tours for those with layovers in Istanbul of over 6 hrs.  Further tour details can be found here.


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