Traveling with Luxury Items: The Kim Kardashian effect

When I travel, I make sure I bring  understated bags, jewelry and luggage.  I am always surprised by people who choose to take monogrammed Louis Vuitton, Prada and Channel on trips.

As many people have just seen, when you flash what you have, people want it. For the average person, you will probably not have someone invade your hotel room, tie you up and rob you at gun point. Instead, you may just have someone steal  that wonderful Rolex watch or cut the strap of your Vuitton bag.

I have met people on tours of Buenos Aires that chose to wear their Rolex and were robbed the second day in the city. I have met people that have gone to Punta del Este in Uruguay and were robbed of their money on the first day in port. I have met people who were robbed of fanny packs that they were laying on top of in Nice, France.

Make the decision to leave your flashy valuables at home.




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