Is 2017 the time to start vacationing in the Sudan?

The NYT recently had an article about tours in Africa. I was very surprised to see a tour to Sudan through Exodus, a UK travel outfit recommended.

Is that safe?  Is probably the first question asked of Westerners thinking of planning a vacation to Sudan.  In the US, tragedies and war in African nations are reported on but it takes research to find out when those countries stabilize.

The map of where the Exodus tour travels in Sudan is below.

While there are general threats of terrorism throughout Sudan, based on information from the UK and US State Department sites, this tour isn’t in a no travel zone.

However, the UK government states the following on their site:

The British Embassy no longer registers British nationals in Sudan and the capacity of the British Embassy to help in times of crisis may be limited.

The US State Department issues no such warning but says to stay away from South Sudan. Once again, this tour is not in South Sudan.

Please note that Canada and Australia request their citizens reconsider the need to travel to any part of Sudan.

I congratulate Exodus Travels on having tours to many exotic locales. However, I think  I will place this on the wait and see list.




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