Costa Cruise Lines: Poor Advertising

Every cruise line has incidents at sea.  I have been on cruises that have hit another vessel, people have jumped overboard, and picked up castaways.  Having lived throughout all that, I still can’t see myself choosing to take a cruise on Costa.

In 2012, Costa Cruise lines hit a reef and numerous people died.  It mishandled the incident at sea and on land.

In the years since, Costa has done very little in terms of PR and adverting to change the sour taste this incident has left in the mouths of potential customers.

Today, for the first time, I received an advertisement for Costa.

Canary Islands and Eastern Europe cruises

The ad as posted above-listed destinations with prices per day, WTF. If I thought poorly of the cruise line prior to direct interaction, I think less now.

Upon seeing this, all I could think was “If I go on Costa, I will be nickeled and dimed…. as well as taking my life in my own hands.”

This is my last post about a cruise line that seems unwilling to acknowledge and rectify its perception in the marketplace.



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