The True Cost of a Scrapbook Cruise

crafting cruises

This weekend a friend sent a link to Craftour and asked my opinion on their Scrapbook cruise.  So, I did some research.

Basically, Craftour is offering a 7-day cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas to the Mediterranean with pricing starting at $1899 for an inside cabin. The cruise is from September 3 – 10, 2017, which is shoulder season, the best time to go to the Mediterranean.

Is this a deal? How much does just scrapbooking in the Mediterranean cost?  How many hours would I be scrapbooking?

So, I set out to find answers to my questions.

On the Royal Caribbean site, the starting price for an inside cabin for this cruise is $1048 and a balcony is $1748.  Depending on the chosen stateroom category the cost of scrapbooking is $700 to $800.  crafting cruises2

The Craftour website does not discuss how scrapbook classes will be given. I sent an email of inquiry and quickly received a response that explained classes will be given each evening and on the sea day.

That doesn’t sound like fun to me.  I don’t want to return from a full day of sightseeing to sit in a room and scrapbook  from 8pm until 11pm.

On a cruise, when not in my room, I only drink and dance at night. I do not scrapbook.

In essence, I would pay  $750 for 1 day of scrapbooking. No Bueno. This is not a deal for me.


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