Azamara Cruises Country Intensive Itineraries

On cruise lines loyalty matters. It matters for discounts on cruises, upgrades and onboard perks.  Royal Caribbean has one of the best loyalty programs, which gives a Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor member equivalent status on all of their cruise lines.   For those who don’t know,  Diamond members are Captain’s Club Elite members on Celebrity and Discoverer in Le Club Voyage on Azamara. This makes cruising on Celebrity or Azamara more attractive to someone like me, a Diamond member than say on Crystal or Oceania. 

So each week, I get an email from Azamara to decide if that advertisement will entice me to go on a cruise with them.   It has never happened. Their cruises are usually not as port intensive as they proclaim and I worry about consecutive days at sea on a small ship.  

This January, Azamara announced it’s first ever “country intensive” voyages, which include more overnight stays in ports and greater immersive itineraries.

The new program will be introduced in 2018 and features one-country cruises to destinations, including Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, and Norway, on the line’s two 690-passenger ships — Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest.

After reviewing all of the itineraries,  I only found one interesting and that is the Japan Intensive.  This cruise is 15 days sailing roundtrip from Tokyo on the Azamara Quest in April 2019. Pricing starts at $5399, which includes gratuities, drinks and local shuttle service.

Unfortunately, most of the shore excursions are not available yet but the Azamara Senior Blogger posted the below to a CruiseCritic message board.

Seven Things to Do in Japan…hings-do-japan

A Guide to Japanese Cuisine, (caution…this will make you hungry!)…panese-cuisine

Castles, Shrines, and Temples of Japan…panese-cuisine

I think Azamara has finally enticed me to take a trip with them.



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