Researching Shore Excursions

I spend a lot of time researching shore excursions for cruise itineraries that interest me. For the past month or so, I have been waiting for Oceania to post the excursions for a 2018 Bangkok to Mumbai trip.  In the interim, I have been looking up excursions for a dream trip on Seabourn which leaves around the same time, it is an either/or situation.

Two weeks ago, I would have said the single best site for looking up points of interest or excursions for a trip was the Princess cruise site. Princess has a very clean and ordered way of showing points of interest at each port through numbering and then including the same numbering in each shore excursion.

Last week, I decided to test Princess and looked up NYC to see the excursions offered. I was very disappointed.

NYC and Princess

If you came to NYC and only saw the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport or Times Square, you missed the point.

I am from NY and I can honestly say I have been to 3, 4, 6, 7 on the image above.  I have passed by 5.    I stopped at all of those places because I worked near them and they have shopping.  But if you came to visit NYC I would never say let’s go to these places.  NYC is really about wall street, food, clothing, theater, and museums.

How can you not have an excursion to MOMA or the Museum of Natural History? How can you not take people on a food tour? How can you not have an excursion to a mediocre show on Broadway? How can you not take them to 5th Avenue to see all the high-end stores?

This exercise made me realize how important it is to research the ports and what a cruise line is offering prior to booking a cruise.




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