Hands-On Japan Tour 2018

Last year I posted about my love for  Hands on Japan, a tour by Inside Japan. The tour is offered twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Unfortunately, the 2017 trips sold out almost 1 year in advance of departure and I was unable to go.


Last week I thought now is a good time to book for next spring.  However, upon reviewing the trip for 2018, I noted some changes:

  1. The trip has gone up in price over $1000.  In 2017, it costs $3935.  In 2018, it will cost $5332.
  2. The capsule hotel in Kyoto will be replaced by a regular hotel. In my opinion, this is an improvement.

This morning, I chatted with the sales team at Inside Japan about the price differential.

I was told it was due to the exchange rate but they still think this tour is a great value.  I did not reply.

Inside Japan is a British tour company and has converted the price of the trip from British pounds to US dollars. Although the trip seems to be well organized, it isn’t a value for non-British travelers at the increased price.  There is also an additional $300 conversion charge from the pound to the dollar.


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