John F. Kennedy Airport Parking until September 2017

Unless you are leaving someone home, part of your vacation involves deciding how to get to the airport. If you have a vehicle, you also need to decide where to leave your car.

I have lived in the New York City tri-state area for years, usually leave from JFK and almost always park my car at a lot near the airport.evening traffic at airport

However, every time  I travel, I spend time looking at alternate transport options to the airport. Should I leave my car in the garage and take the train to the plane? Should I take an airport shuttle service from my house? Should I park at the airport? Should I park at a lot near the airport?

After the search, I usually decide to park at Park Plus Airport Parking.

I am now used to handing over the keys to my car. Of course, that is only after making sure I know where every imperfection is first.  I am also used to a quick drop off but a  longer than I like pickup after a return trip.

Why do I do this? Parking at JFK costs from $18 a day in long-term to $39 a day in short-term parking.

This summer I may get a chance to park at the airport. Until September 8, 2017, the Port Authority of NY and NJ  is offering coupon discounts for JFK to park at the airport.     Unfortunately, you can not reserve space in the long-term parking lot at JFK.  So, have a backup plan.










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