Planning Thanksgiving 2017

Every year, American’s are faced with what to do with the holiday season. Should they deal with extended family members or should they go away?

Most years, I make the decision to go away and enjoy myself.  It is what makes me happy and it saves me from cooking for ungrateful family members.

But where should you go?

For people on the East Coast, Europe is a great option. For those on the West Coast, Asia is the best option.

  • New York City to Paris, for $605—leaving Tuesday and returning Monday, Nov. 27.
  • Washington D.C to Athens, for $583—leaving Monday and returning Wednesday, Nov. 29.
  • Los Angeles to Bangkok, for $530—leaving Tuesday and returning Tuesday, Nov 28.
  • Seattle to Beijing, for $504—leaving Thursday and returning Friday, Dec 1.

The most expensive option is actually going somewhere in the continental United States.

I am not traveling internationally for Thanksgiving. I am going to the happiest place in the world.



Planning for this trip starts in September when I return from Aruba.









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