Delta First Class, NY to Aruba

In June,  we purchased tickets to fly to Aruba. At that time, it only cost $50 dollar more per person to fly first class. We purchased mixed class tickets, first class to Aruba and economy on return.

It was dumb.

About two weeks prior to leaving I was trying to change the seats but to no avail.

Anyway, I was really excited about the flight. However, this flight was the same as domestic first class, which is the same as international premium economy.  It includes a better seat, a meal, free drinks, and attendants that are nice.


On this Delta flight, my mimosa was served in a plastic cup and my earphones were not noise-canceling.

Capture 2

Thankfully,  I had enough mimosas that those things didn’t bother me.  I even thought the below was a decent picture.


Would I purchase a first class ticket to Aruba again?  At $50 more, it pays for itself. Checked luggage costs $25 and a meal at the airport costs at least $25 if you have drinks (alcohol).





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