Marriott Surf Club in Aruba

20170830_080029The Marriott Surf Club is one of  4  beachside resorts that Marriott owns in Aruba. Two are timeshares, the Surf and Ocean club and the other two are actual resorts, Stellaris and Ritz Carlton. They are all side by side.

The Surf Club is a timeshare which means at some point in a stay you will listen to a 90-minute sales presentation.

I spent a week at the Surf Club in August and it was a very nice stay. I was the guest of an owner and did not have to sit through a sales presentation.

Anyway, this is a safe, family-oriented resort with clean, comfortable rooms, an excellent gym, a huge waterslide,  the winding “Lazy River” pool (possibly the best pool in Aruba) and a Serenity area for those over 21.


Aruba is a quiet island that is perfect for relaxation. If there was a hopping dance club. I missed it. I saw the drunk bus which stopped by the resort each afternoon. However, that was it.



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